About Kijasmata

What a journey my career as an artist has been so far! I began modelling in early 2010, and soon wanted to make my own clothing designs to model. Designing unexpectedly took off pretty quickly, and I began my latex design business in late 2010.

But come late 2011, I’d discovered a love for tattoos. I began my apprenticeship in 2012 and continued tattooing alongside modelling and latex fashion design. This didn’t last for long and, with far too much on my plare, I decided to focus on my latex design and modelling career.

Fast forward to 2022, having missed tattooing ever since stopping in 2014, I had to make a move back to ink, this time rethink my entire style. My work has a strong focus on blackwork, linework, neo-traditional, and botanical/floral pieces.

My other job…

Dark Virtue Designs is my latex clothing brand. Beginning designing in 2010, I’m well-established as a latex designer, specialising in corsetry and lingerie. I’m not sure if it’s my side hustle or my main hustle but I’m here for both tattooing and designing nonetheless.

Photo: Miss Deadly Red by Josefien Hoekstra