Where are you based?

I’m based at Sith Tattoo Studio, Norwich. The studio location is 1 Dereham Rd, Norwich NR2 4HX.

Do you tattoo palms/soles of feet?

Yes! However, I will not tattoo just anyone in these areas. Not only are the palms and soles incredibly painful areas to have tattooed, they are also notoriously hard to heal (around 6 weeks), and the ink doesn’t stay well. Palms and soles are a labour of love and bookings for these areas are done at my discretion. It won’t be based on how much coverage you have because I don’t want to gatekeep how you want your own body to look, as I’m a firm believer that it’s our own individual choice that shouldn’t be gatekept.

Do you do tiny tattoos?

Absolutely! Bear in mind that my minimum charge is £40 so you may be able to get a couple of lil cuties depending on the design 🥰

How do I book an appointment?

Just head on over to my tattoo booking form and we can discuss everything and get you booked in.

How do I care for my tattoo?

I’ll give you full aftercare advice after your tattoo is complete. Advice varies slightly depending on lifestyle, skin type, the size of the tattoo, and the location of the tattoo. However, you will need to take care of your tattoo for around two weeks after the tattoo is finished so please do bear that in mind. Aftercare is integral to the final result of your tattoo.

What are your rates?

My rates start from £40 for the minimum charge and, while most of my pieces are charged per piece (meaning you won’t have any unexpected charges), my hourly rate is £80, £300 for 4 hours, or £400 for a full day (maximum 7 hours including 1 hour break).

Can I park at the studio?

There’s cheap parking opposite (pay and display, card accepted):
Barn Road Car Park, St Swithins Rd, England NR2 4SZ

Do you offer gift cards?

I do indeed. Gift cards last for five years after purchase and make the perfect gift. Since tattoos are so personal this leaves the choice in the hands of the recipient. To purchase a gift voucher, email me on kijasmata@gmail.com.

Do you do touch-ups?

It’s quite normal for tattoos to need small touch-ups, therefore I offer a touch-up session as long as I can see that the tattoo hasn’t been picked or the correct aftercare hasn’t been followed. This must be booked within three months of your final session. This does include hands, fingers, and feet, but only one free touch-up is given for these areas. Subsequent touch-ups will incur a charge.